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2022 Best of Show Hosta 'Mouse Capades'
Hemerocallis 'Shuffle the Deck'
2019 Best-in-Show Hemerocallis 'Run N the Green Light'
hemerocallis 'Cookie Monster'


The Greater Cincinnati Daylily-Hosta Society was formed on July 10, 1982 for the purpose of promoting the cultivation of daylilies and hostas in the Greater Cincinnati area.

If you have a question about this site or if a link doesn't work, click here gcdhs@me.com and let us know.

We will have a hosta show in 2024 and a daylily show in 2025. If you're interested in entering your hostas and daylilies in one of our shows click here to learn more. The Hosta and Daylily schedules will be updated for the current year and have the information you'll need to enter the show.

2022 Hosta Show results
2023 Daylily Show results